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Lab slip button Location button Call us at 503-297-2431button

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Click here to upload your case files photos. We accept the following files: iTero, 3M, Carestream, and Trios.

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Additional Ordering Information
* Implants with zirconia connections will be manufactured by Nobel Biocare, Straumann, or Atlantis.

** Implants with metal connections on zirconia abutments can be milled by Group 4 Dental Lab or Nobel Biocare.

Metal connections are cemented to the zirconia abutment in lab. Pricing varies by manufacturer, most companies can produce platforms on their competitors, call us or consult your rep for more information. Group 4 Dental Lab warranties zirconia custom abutments for breakage or defects in workmanship for 5 years. No warranty is provided for the implant fixture itself. Some implant companies will negate their warranty on the implant if the abutment used is manufactured by a competitor, partner, or third party. Group 4 Dental Lab assumes no responsibility for the implant fixture. Please consult your warranty information provided by the implant manufacturer.
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Learn about our dental lab technology
Learn about our dental lab technology
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